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Injection Mold Tube Spline Die

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Injection Mold Tube Spline Die
Injection Mold Tube Spline Die

An injection molding customer who had been coming to us for many years recently asked us to produce a small quantity of spline-forming dies that they would use in the manufacturing of tubular parts for the auto industry. Our electrical discharge machining (EDM) equipment and expertise provided the perfect solution.

The 3.500" diameter, 1" thick dies were to be made from M2 grade tool steel, a very hard tool steel. The specs required an exceptionally tight tolerance of ±0.0002" and an 8-micron surface finish. Because the customer anticipated needing only 10 to 20 pieces per year, setup costs would have made traditional machining prohibitively expensive. The tight tolerance would also be difficult to meet, again driving up costs. By taking advantage of our EDM capabilities, we were able to promptly set up and produce the dies.

The 4th axis wire of the EDM equipment was particularly useful in this case because the die geometry requires a spline alignment that is not in the same planes that the other three wires are cutting. The extreme flexibility and precision inherent in the EDM equipment permits our experienced staff to make the fine adjustments and maintain the close control required to produce high precision parts like these spline dies.

We maintained and verified dimensional integrity of the dies throughout production by hard gaging, rigorous dimensional and visual inspection, and through the use of our coordinate measuring machine (CMM). All confirmed that the dies met the customer's specifications and all applicable industry standards.

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Injection Mold Tube Spline Die Highlights

Project Name & Description
Injection Mold Tube Spline Die
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Wire EDM using 4th Axis with 0.008" wire
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
4th Axis Wire EDM
Overall Part Dimensions
3.500" diameter X 1" thick
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
M2 56-58 HRc
Material Finish
8 microns
Industry for Use
Automotive Injection Mold
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Hard Gaging, dimensional & visual inspect, CMM
10-20 pcs/yr
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2-3 weeks
Delivery Location
FOB origin
Standards Met
ISO 9001:2008, Solid Model, Customer Specification